What kind of evidence does Lexop certified email provide?

As soon as you e-serve a document via Certified Email, Lexop instantly generates a Proof Report which contains a detailed audit trail of the transmission. The Proof Report proves delivery by establishing clearly via timestamp and email server confirmation, the exact second your recipient(s) received, opened, and downloaded your email. The Proof Report also contains all the information that is required by civil procedure rules across North America.

What is an SMTP response?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Your message will be relayed from server to server, until it makes it to the last link in the chain: the email server handling your recipient mailbox. This response is essentially an answer signalling what your recipient’ server has done with the email you’ve sent. A few examples of response codes from SendGrid’s website ( :

250 – This SMTP server response simply means everything went well and your message was delivered to the recipient server (this does not mean your message was opened

421 – Your message was temporarily deferred by the recipient server. This is usually a result of too many connections in a short timeframe or too many messages.

450 – Your message was not delivered because the other user mailbox was not available. This can happen if the mailbox is locked or is not routable.

451 – This response is sent when the message simply failed. Often times this is not caused by you, but rather because of a far-end server problem.

452 – This kind of response is sent back when there isn’t enough system storage to send the message. Your message is deferred until storage opens up and it can then be delivered.

550 – The message has failed because the other user’s mailbox is unavailable or because the recipient server rejected your message.

551 – The mailbox your message was intended for does not exist on the recipient server.

552 – The mailbox your message was sent to does not have enough storage to accept your message.

553 – You message was not delivered because the name of the mailbox you sent to does not exist.

What is a Proof Report?

When you send a Certified Email via Lexop, a Proof Report is generated for each recipient. This Proof Report is a dynamic PDF document that contains all the proof of delivery information for each recipient. It contains attachment information (name, pages, SHA256 checksums), sender and recipient details, and SMTP response for the recipient (one report is created for each). The SMTP response is a return message from the email server of a recipient. It signals that the message was received, rejected, blocked, bounced … This same Proof Report is therefore proof that a communication was received (much like what a fax machine would produce). And same as for a fax machine, it does not confirm whether or not the email was opened; only that it made it to the other side. Lexop goes a step further and allows its users to see if their messages were read or not, and if the attached links were clicked.