Storage & Security

Where are your servers located?

We use Microsoft Azure’s Canadian servers in order to assure that your data is on Canadian soil, including all the backups.

Where are the files stored and who has access to them?

When you attach files to a Lexop Share or Notification activity (from Outlook or your online Dashboard), these files are not actually sent along with the email to your recipients. Your files (along with the message you add) are sent through a secure tunnel (think HTTPS) to our servers (unless you are operating with an on premise installation; then, all data would be stored behind your organization’s firewall).

Once inside Lexop’s system, the files will be stored in a “container”, and only links to these files will be re-packaged in the emails going out to the recipient(s) you identified. These links will lead to a portal that will allow the user to validate the file’s integrity (SHA256 string) and require them to enter a security PIN (if you set one) before accessing the files.

What kind of security does Lexop provide?

All Lexop transmissions and communications go through a secure HTTPS tunnel, AES 256 encryption, and SSL Certificate. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.