What is the document size limit?

Usually, the servers of your recipients block emails over 25MB. But with Lexop, you can send files up to 100MB without worrying about size restrictions. The reason is simple, your recipient will receive links to the documents instead of the documents themselves as attachment.

Does sharing or notifying fill up my recipient’s inbox? What about my Outbox?

Not at all. Lexop allows you to send files to anyone in the world without cluttering their inbox or your outbox. Documents that are sent to recipients via Lexop (with the Outlook addin or via your Dashboard) will not be attached with the email. Only links are added in the outgoing communication.

When using the Outlook addin, files are not kept. When sending a normal email, you will find copies of everything in your SENT folders, which can cause your outbox to quickly fill up. With Lexop however, only the names of the items are kept, because all the files can be found and accessed online from your Dashboard.

Therefore, no inbox or outbox clutter for anyone.

Do my recipients need to have a Lexop account?

No. Lexop transmissions uses standard email service. As long as your recipients have valid email addresses, you can send them anything.

Can I use Lexop to send notices to my tenants no matter which State or Province they are located?

In some jurisdiction, the law doesn’t specifically mention the format under which a notice to a tenant is supposed to be delivered. Obviously it has to be “written”, but sometimes it’s not specified if an email format is accepted. Also, bear in mind that Lexop is not only an email, it’s an email with a complete audit trail and proof of delivery. Therefore, for markets where the validity of email-based notices is not yet confirmed, we have created a feature called “Ask for Consent”. It can be used to collect consent from tenants, prior to sending them official notices through Lexop. That consent confirmation is then added in the Proof Report that Lexop generates instantly for each notice that is sent.