How do I invite users?

If you are an Admin, you can invite users to your Organization. Simply go to your Settings page, navigate to the “Users” section and select “Invite User”. You will be able to define whether they are simply members (without Administrator privileges) or Admins. They will then receive an email requesting they confirm the request and update their passwords, followed by an on-boarding communication explaining how to get started.

How can I change default communication messages?

Communication messages define the format of all certified emails, sharings, ask for consent, and doc collect activities that go out to recipients.

To change them, you must be an Admin. Go into your Settings page and select the Communications tab. You may then edit the content of the introductory messages recipients see when they receive an email from you. The “Recipient Name” and “Sender name” are placeholders you can add to the message (by clicking on the desired one). The system will replace them with the “real” names when sending out all subsequent messages.

Be sure to hit “Save” when making any change you wish to persist. In order to revert to the default messages, simply remove what was added (leave it blank) and save again.